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Major nations are:

The United Kingdom
The United States of America
The Kingdom of Italy
The Empire of Japan
The Republic of China
The People’s Republic of China
The French Republic
The German Reich
The Republic of India (once they cease to be a UK puppet)

Anything that is not prohibited is allowed.
No metagaming.
No abuse of game mechanics.
It is mandatory to add your country name to your TS nickname.

Players may not switch nations unless they were eliminated through annexation or if it’s necessary for someone to take up an important country in case of the previous player bailing out.
Whilst not a rule, nations are strongly encouraged to puppet other players instead of eliminating them out of the game through annexation.

The banned nations are Austria, Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia.

Don't delay answering events intentionally for more than a week.

Major nations must have a working microphone, be able to speak English and stay for up to 5 hours.


A world war is a war between two or more major factions (such as Axis vs Allies, Allies vs Comintern, etc) provided that leaders of those factions are involved in those wars.
Before September 1st 1939, major powers can only declare war using national focuses, core state claims, or claims resulting from national focuses - i.e. no justifying and declaring war on nations without a relevant national focus. All war justification must be done after that date. The People’s Republic of China cannot declare wars until 10% WT. Should a world war break out, this Section is void.
Minors may not justify wars until world tension reaches 25% or after September 1st 1939. Majors may not enter offensive wars of minors until after September 1st 1939. Alliance wars must be initiated by a major.
Disbanding surrounded divisions is prohibited. That includes divisions stuck at ports.
A nation is considered under threat/threatened if it’s being justified a war against either through the war goal diplomatic action or a national focus or being declared a war on.
Nations may not destroy their civilian factories en masse as part of a scorched earth strategy.
No naval invasions shall be executed by volunteers.
Do not put your ships on “Do Not Engage” if they are deployed in combat missions or blocking straits.
The German-Soviet war cannot be started by a minor, this is to avoid exploiting the Soviets not getting Great Patriotic War focus.


A faction becomes major if it has at least one major nation as its member.
A custom faction is considered to be any faction that did not exist in the starting scenario or was a result of a national focus.
Nations must have corresponding ideologies to that of whichever faction they may wish to join. The United Chinese Front and the Berlin-Moscow faction are exceptions to that. Unaligned nations may join Allies, as stated in Section D.
Democratic and unaligned nations may join the Allies or other democratic factions if they are being threatened, a world war has broken out or if it’s December 1st 1938 or later.
Fascist nations may join Axis or other fascist factions before January 1st 1940 if appropriate national focuses have been unlocked (such as Germany’s Alliance with Italy NF or Italy’s Pact of Steel NF), they are being threatened or a world war has broken out.
Communist nations may join Comintern or other communist factions before January 1st 1940 if appropriate national focuses have been unlocked, they are being threatened or a world war has broken out.
The People’s Republic of China may not join factions prematurely in the case of Japan doing War with China NF. However, should Japan threaten the PRC in any other way, the latter may join factions in accordance with Section F.
Nations may create their own factions on dates specified in Sections D, E and F or after, depending on their ideology. Should a world war break out, the rule is void and such factions may be created immediately. If either nation is under a threat of war, they are allowed to proceed with their own faction.
There can be no more than three major nations in a faction.


Military access may only be granted to nations that are at war with your common enemy.
No boosting Spain or putting a demagogue/reformer/etc to avoid the scripted civil war. Once the aforementioned war has happened, it’s alright to do so.
If you have been puppeted, do not play against your former enemies. Do not willfully sabotage yourself or your new faction members. You can organise a civil war in your country after two years since your defeat in order to become independent again if you are a minor nation. If you are a major puppet, then you are forced to stay with your new master unless you are freed by another warring party.
Overlord nations may enforce core claims of their puppet states at any point.
If you attack a guaranteed nation, you become fair game to the guarantor and his faction members. However, the aggressor nation may not use such war as an opportunity to prematurely join a faction.
Puppet states can always join their overlord nations’ factions.
Puppet states may not guarantee independence of any other nations.
The US may not revoke preexisting guarantees in the Americas once the Pax Americana focus has been done and the WT is at 25%. The US may not revoke such guarantees on AI nations.
Major nations may send volunteers only to civil wars. Volunteers must be sent to the side that either is unaligned or represents your ideology with the exception of Section P. In case of a civil war, players may only send 10 divisions per each side throughout the entire war.
Japan may not puppet the Republic of China (aka Nationalist China) via the relevant NF, only through war.
In case of the Berlin-Moscow Faction (the Alliance with the USSR NF for Germans), no other fascist/communist nation may join it since both Germany and the Soviet Union would be considered pariahs by virtually most nations around the world.
Democratic nations may annex no more than 20% of a defeated nation’s core territory. The rest must be puppeted. The exception to it is NF war goals such as Britain’s Secure Iraq since they allow total annexation of nations.
If there is a conflict as to which lands should belong to whom in a peace conference, the lands shall be split based on occupation zones, with preference given to the occupant of the regional VP where possible. Countries that haven’t been capitulated should not be annexed with exception of those territories that got occupied.
A defeated player must be allowed to have at least three core provinces left to them if the winning side is not eliminating them through total annexation.
Major nations with unique focus trees may not change ideologies unless defeated in a war or through a national focus (as is the case with France). However, other nations can boost ideologies in major nations. China may not put on a fascist demagogue. Communist and fascist nations should not boost Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Belgium, Niggerland, Kikeshitland, the Netherlands, the Faggot Federation, Iraq or Iran if they are not controlled by players who wish to be communist or fascist respectively.
Switzerland must remain neutral unless attacked. It may send lend lease and volunteers to any ideologies.

Coups are not allowed.
The following events can only be rejected by the Allies:
The Rheinland event if WT is at 5%
The Sudetenland event if WT is at 15%
The Slovenia event if WT is at 15%

Should the US attempt to prematurely rid themselves of isolation via Preemptive Intervention focus war, they may not improve their economic laws past civilian economy.
Spain must stick with their election choice when choosing the sides in the Spanish Civil War.
Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Belgium, the Netherlands and Iraq are not allowed to pick ideological demagogues and ideological focuses past Political Effort unless the WT is at 15%.


Do not exploit space marine templates. Ask the host when in doubt.
Divisions may not have more than two line artillery battalions of any type, whether towed or self-propelled, barring artillery support brigades.
Divisions with special forces battalions may not have vehicles that are heavier than light armour.
Do not mix regular infantry battalions with special forces battalions.
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Hoi4 Multiplayers Rules
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